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David Muench cover of Arizona Highways 7 Decades of David Muench -
Arizona Highways
December Issue

On newsstands now.

Arizona Highways editors Robert Stieve, Keyyl Vaughn, and Jeff Kida took a 17 hour drive recently to New Mexico to speak to David Muench for their special December Arizona Highways issue, which focuses solely on David Muench and his 7 decades of photography.

"Until now, we've never done an issue dedicated to a single person. And its unlikely we'll ever do it again. Not because there aren't other talented contributors — there are many — but because none will be as great for as long." —Robert Stevie, Editor of Arizona Highways

For more information visit ArizonaHighways.com



Monument ValleyMonument Valley
Navajo Nation Natural Wonder

A new book by David Muench - In bookstore now!

Photography by David Muench

Essay by Anne Markward

Welcome to Monument Valley Tribal Park—a world of weather-carved rock and wind-driven sand, of massive buttes painted with dark desert varnish, of hardy plants clinging to the earth. At dawn and sunset, an ever-changing sky silhouettes the dark-looming monuments against washes of color from delicate to vibrant. Monument Valley’s Navajo residents live in harmony with this challenging, beautiful landscape. | Read more

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This photo was taken by David Muench during his recent workshop in Iceland.
More photos from the trip will be added soon.
Meanwhile check out these photos of Iceland from his past visits.

Get more updates & photos from David Muench here



David Muench, America's master nature photographer,
has photographed the landscape in all its grandeur for over half a century.

David Muench
American Landscape Photography

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