A Classic American Legacy Spanning Two Centuries
Monument Valley - Navajo Tribal Park

Monument Valley - Navajo Tribal Park
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Monument ValleyMonument Valley
Navajo Nation Natural Wonder

Photography by David Muench

Essay by Anne Markward

Welcome to Monument Valley Tribal Park—a world of weather-carved rock and wind-driven sand, of massive buttes painted with dark desert varnish, of hardy plants clinging to the earth. At dawn and sunset, an ever-changing sky silhouettes the dark-looming monuments against washes of color from delicate to vibrant. Monument Valley’s Navajo residents live in harmony with this challenging, beautiful landscape. | Read more

David Muench in Arizona Highways7 Decades of David Muench
Arizona Highways December Issue

Arizona Highways editors Robert Stieve, Keyyl Vaughn, and Jeff Kida took a 17 hour drive recently to New Mexico to speak to David Muench for their special December Arizona Highways issue, which focuses solely on David Muench and his 7 decades of photography.

"Until now, we've never done an issue dedicated to a single person. And its unlikely we'll ever do it again. Not because there aren't other talented contributors — there are many — but because none will be as great for as long." —Robert Stevie, Editor of Arizona Highways